Education and Qualification

Where I studied and where I take inspiration for next big endeavors


I started working in the development industry in 2017, after I graduated from high school. Because of putting skin in the game and enthusiastically learning more, I usually work 60-100 hours a week. In those few years, I worked on big, large scale complex multi-platform applications to small single-page applications using various technologies.

Technical stack

My technical stack contains (but is not limited to)

  • PHP in newest versions (Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Cake)
  • JavaScript (Node.js, Vue.js, React.js)
  • Databases & storage (MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Elasticsearch)
  • Server Infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx, Linux, Bitbucket CI/CD)
  • Code & testing tools (phpstan, PHPUnit)
  • API (REST, GraphQL, OAuth, ...)
  • Versioning tools and providers (Git, Bitbucket, Gitlab)

Current technological focus

I am open to learning new technologies and updating my technical stack with new tools as time goes. My goal is to stay relevant in the industry with my skills and to disrupt the status quo. If there is something that can be improved, I will work until I find a suitable solution.

My primary source of inspiration is communities across the internet (Stack Overflow, Discord communities, Reddit, etc.) and a few blogs and media outlets across the internet besides technical documentations. My favorite websites are,,, and more.


I studied and graduated from a technical high school in my hometown, Ceska Trebova, Czech Republic. My studies focused on general broad IT knowledge - from the hardware of PC and servers to the operating systems, configurations, etc. The second big focus was networking - network architecture, security, and more. By the end of high school, I possessed Cisco CCNA certificates and internships in various companies.

I have decided to pursue a career and real work environment instead of the college, ending up with a lot of practical experience and no degree. I may be pursuing a degree from psychology in the future, as this is the topic that interests me most. Thanks to my free time studying, I have developed a passion for psychology, which is helping me in my everyday life.