Martin Mička

Software Developer with passion for psychology

Martin Micka on a lecture

Who I am

I am a lot of things; instead of telling you what I am, it will be better to tell you what I am not. I am not someone who will accept average things as the status quo. I exist for the sole reason to show people that we can do better. As developers, as colleagues, and as humans. I challenge myself every day to adapt and make something out of nothing. Challenging myself has allowed me to pursue different topics and make lectures about them, such as psychology, clean and testable code, optimization of software development principles, and much more.

What I do

During the usual working hours, I am a Software Developer. I like to create and maintain a clean and testable code. My main focus is the backend; however, I also ship complex full-stack web applications to my independent clients - therefore, I also work on the frontend from time to time.

In my free time, I read books, play video games, attend lectures and meetups, train for the marathon run, write articles, and take pictures of my daily encounters. I am interested in topics such as psychology, philosophy, modern culture, business, human resources, personal and team coaching, and new technologies. Thanks to these diversifications, I was able to take my knowledge from one specialization and apply it in others. This combination resulted in making talks and lectures for people having the same life values as I do.

Wanna know more?

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